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InfoBuild's unique and professional services make renovating and building easy.

InfoBuild is NOT an online service we join with and work with you on your project from start to finish.

Whether you're a first-time renovator at the initial concept stage, or an experienced owner-builder with council-approved plans, InfoBuild takes the stress and uncertainty out of renovating and building.

We can help you:

    Obtain quotationsObtain quotes

    Compare quotationsCompare quotes and select a builder or tradespeople

    Assist in the projectAssist you in the project management process

We guarantee expert advice at affordable rates.

Submit an online INQUIRY TODAY! An InfoBuild representative will contact you to discuss your project in detail.

Our Service Area

We provide services primarily to Sydney's North Shore and Inner West suburbs. Please CONTACT US to find out if your project is in our service area.

       The first consultation is free!

Let us take the pain out of getting quotes

Contacting busy builders and tradespeople to obtain quotes can be a time-consuming task-and daunting if you feel out of your depth talking about building work.

"InfoBuild assists you in project managing"

Our expertise and network of professional, qualified builders and tradespeople takes the stress out of getting quotes-and gives you peace of mind.

We take the time to understand your project in detail. We then approach licensed builders and tradespeople on your behalf to arrange comprehensive, realistic quotes.

We will meet builders and tradespeople on site and explain in detail the scope of your project.

We can help you prepare comprehensive documentation for your building or renovation project, enabling builders and tradespeople to provide accurate quotes and eliminating the potential for major hidden costs.

"We guide you through the development application process!"

InfoBuild will ensure that builders and tradespeople receive the same information and make the same allowances when quoting, making it easier for you to compare quotes.

Remember-the more detailed your plans, the less guesswork is involved in quoting on your project.


We help you select the right people for the job

Once we have helped you obtain easy-to-compare quotes, we will guide you in selecting the right people for the job-and at the right price!

We can conduct additional research and background checks-including licence checks-to help you make an informed decision.

We will make sure that your preferred builder or tradespeople are willing and able to do the work in the indicated time frame. Perhaps most importantly, we can help you select a professional builder or tradespeople with whom you can develop a good working relationship.


We guide you through the development application process

InfoBuild's years of experience will help you to navigate the development application process.

We can help you prepare and submit high-quality documentation to your local council.

We will help you make sure your documentation is complete and accurate, maximising the chances of its smooth passage through the development application process.


We assist in managing the work from start to finish

Managing a building or renovation project is a time-consuming job-and often stressful as well!

InfoBuild can save you time and energy-and potentially thousands of dollars-by asisting you to project manage the work.

We understand that establishing good working relationships with your builder and tradespeople is vital for reducing stress and ensuring the success of your project.

From coordinating your colour scheme to managing your final landscaping, InfoBuild will help you achieve results you can be proud of.

We can be on site from day one to provide assistance to your builder or tradespeople, and we will help guide your project to successful completion.

We can liaise with your builder or tradespeople on any variations to the contract. We will help keep your project on track by helping to avoid unnecessary delays and unexpected costs.


Please CONTACT InfoBuild to discuss your individual requirements.
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